"Bring everthing together - get your free white paper" You’ll need Flash 8 to view this site. Download it here. Enter site One moment please... Loading... Skip intro Next Home Download PDF Go Image only Download now Look inside Registered Register and download it now A Simple Idea Redefine your brand and communicate powerfully. Talk to us now about re-building your brand library. Finding a new way The financial crisis is changing consumer behaviour Call it evolution by economics. Along with millions of other consumers, you’ve probably made changes recently. Ignored sale signs. Changed your driving habits. Or witnessed market chaos you’d never have thought possible. New times call for new ideas. Ones that understand and respond to customers’ concerns... Rediscovering trust Talking to financial services customers How do you pick the most common financial worry for consumers? From inflation to healthcare costs to falling retirement savings – they are taking their toll. But there’s one thing all consumers want right now. It’s trust. What was implicit and almost a secondary brand value before the financial crisis, is now a key driver for decision-making. So how do you apply this to your work? And how can we make it easier for you? Read on for solutions. Plus our latest research, free. Brand heroes Redefine your brand for maximum impact People are visual beings – so defining your visual language is crucial. We regularly undertake extensive research and analysis which can help you to select and build an effective brand library. One that encourages trust. Connects with customers. Communicates brand values. Expresses new ideas. Sells. And more. Our powerful images, pre-cleared and ready to licence, start at just $49. And they’re available in all file sizes, for websites to billboards. Plus we can help with premium footage and original music. In this time of mergers and collapses, it’s never been more imperative to ensure your brand is communicating clearly and well. Find out more about the visual language of finance. Make the call Find out how we can help Building an effective brand library is just the start. Our suite of products and flexible services can help you to work smarter and strengthen the emotional connections between your brand and customers. Call your account executive or call us at 800 IMAGERY (462 4379) email sales@gettyimages.com or visit gettyimages.com Box 5: Download our latest research Valued at $400 It’s yours for free Get exclusive insight into how the financial crisis is impacting visual trends in financial services marketing. Download. Learn more about financial services marketing today. Download the “Getting Real” visual analysis white paper pdf or podcast. Name Email Please enter details Please enter details above I’d like to receive updates about new imagery, photographers and offers from Getty Images by email. Please fill in the required fields. PDF Podcast For further insights download “Financial Foresight” visual analysis white paper. © 2008 Getty Images, Inc. All rights reserved. Website terms Privacy policy Editorial policy Send to a friend I want to share A Simple Idea. Your name Your email address Your friends name Your friend’s email address View our Privacy policy for details on personal information collection and use. Submit Your email has been sent. Link in Join the Linkedin Financial Services Marketing Network. Bookmark and share Work smarter Financial services marketing isn’t easy. Especially in times like these. And while you may not be able to control the economy or reverse the nationalising of banks, you can make your brand distinctive and heard – an imperative in today’s market. Doing it means working smarter. And you can start here. With our exclusive “Getting Real” and “Financial Foresight” white papers – valued from $400 each – which you can download in their entirety for free. Read an excerpt now. Download both papers now. Communicate visually Welcome to gettyimages.com. This is where you’ll find the latest research on visual communications. Plus case studies and solutions for key issues in marketing financial services. Answers to problems like how to differentiate in a mature, competitive market. How to improve the return on marketing spend. How to communicate a complex subject simply. And – most importantly – how to strengthen the emotional connection with your customers. We bring all these solutions together in a suite of products and services to help you streamline your workflow, create powerful visual communications and connect. Get inside knowledge Read our exclusive research for insights into the latest visual communication trends. Download our “Getting Real” and “Financial Foresight” white papers – valued from $400 each –  for free. Next. What is “Getting Real”? A year is a long time in financial services marketing – especially in light of the current financial crisis. “Getting Real” is our latest research into the sector. It explores the seismic shifts that have occurred in both customer attitudes and the responses by marketers worldwide. Identifying and explaining today’s visual trends, it gives you the inside information – and helps you to better position yourself for the new world ahead. “Getting Real” has been created using the global expertise of the Getty Images Creative Research team. Look inside What is “Financial Foresight?” “Financial Foresight” white paper offers a wealth of unique insights into the visual trends driving marketing and visual communications in the financial services industry. As communities' moods, values and priorities change, so does the visual language. What communicated and worked yesterday, may fail tomorrow. Our white paper gives you the information to stay on top of this cultural shift. “Financial Foresight” has been created by the Getty Images Creative Research team, a global network of image analysts based in offices from Los Angeles to London, Beijing and beyond. This comprehensive, original research paper is the result of significant analysis of the world's media and lengthy consultation with major financial institutions across North America, Europe and Asia. This includes the analysis of image searches by 1.5 million customers of gettyimages.com, the gathering and study of over 2,500 advertising tear sheets from around the world and a survey of 500 advertising, design and marketing professionals. Look inside Everything together Discover a suite of products and services to help you create your visual language, engage your customers, manage and distribute your marketing assets, ensure brand consistency, build brand loyalty, streamline your workflow, save money and more. The solution for everyone Even with a shared goal, getting team consensus on how to achieve it can be hard. But not any more. Now, everyone's solutions meet in one place – gettyimages.com. We are the world's leading digital media provider, offering award-winning images, video and film footage and music, plus flexible services to help you work smarter and strengthen the emotional connection with your customers. So let's get working. Start by choosing your focus. Choose your focus Work smarter, work faster It's easy to find the right images, videos and music for your job with our powerful search tools. Or get free assistance from our researchers. We'll help you stay ahead of the competition with fresh, relevant imagery from our global creative network, personalized service and a suite of tools that makes staying on-brand easy across departments, across continents. Choose your focus. Select from the menu on the left to learn more. Find creative inspiration Get your creative juices flowing with our interactive search tools. You can search intuitively or by concepts. Explore new ideas and follow threads of inspiration. With millions of creative and editorial images, see your ideas instantly come to life. Discover Catalyst search. Find what you need Choose from the world's premier image collections, including exclusive offerings like Stone, Stone+, Photonica, Iconica, The Image Bank and Taxi. Enjoy trend-researched, art-directed images, high-definition footage and pre-cleared music. Find what you're looking for quickly and easily using intuitive search, then download and you're ready to go. Or take advantage of our free search assistance. You can also commission a shoot anywhere with our photo assignments service. Choose your focus Search gettyimages.com. Get search tips. Define your visual language Translate your brand and messaging into the right images with Brand Builder. And strengthen the emotional connection with your target audience. Our visual brand consultants can work with you to build a non-brand image library. So you improve response rates and returns on your marketing spend. Find out more about Brand Builder. Ensure brand consistency Organize and share your digital assets in-house and with brand partners globally using Media Manager. It's the easy way to ensure brand consistency across your campaigns. Use it to build brand recognition and loyalty and streamline your workflow. So you can work smarter, not harder. Find out more about Media Manager. Gain the competitive edge Discover globally researched, cutting-edge trends while they're hot. Stay in touch with your customers and ahead of the competition. Our global creative research team is made up of experts in visual communication. We bring their knowledge together in invaluable resources like our white papers and apply it to our imagery. Before you even know what you want, it's waiting. Fresh, relevant, expressing the latest business and consumer trends. Download our “Getting Real” white paper. Maximize sponsorship Make your marketing communications stand out from the crowd. Our tailored service is used by many of the world's leading brands and sports leagues. Follow your brand wherever it appears in the world. Get the hottest shots and match action from our award-winning sports photographers, including coverage of over 20,000 sports events worldwide. Or commission a shoot to capture the spirit of your brand. Discover the Power of Sport. Deliver more value Increase productivity, reduce paperwork and improve your bottom line. Getty Images offers everything in one place – from our vast imagery collection to services like Media Manager. Buy in volume with a pricing model to suit your needs, starting at just $49 per image or footage clip. And work confidently knowing that west and behind our images. Unlike with microstock photography, if you are threatened with a copyright-infringement claim, we'll handle the legal action and the costs. Explore gettyimages.com/strength. Case Studies – seeing is believing Many of the world’s leading brands trust us to provide visual communications solutions that span markets and continents – from simple subscriptions to building on-brand image libraries to providing a comprehensive mix of services and products. Read on for examples of how we helped some of these companies fine-tune their visual language and turn their marketing challenges into enduring successes. Dresdner Kleinwort While others might be satisfied with competing against similarly sized competitors, Dresdner Kleinwort operates in the global market, taking on all comers. In this arena they believe standing out is all about the right image. With our help they’ve developed a unique, modern visual language – and achieved the “cut-through” they wanted. Read the complete case study – download the PDF. Zurich With a network of subsidiaries and offices spanning the globe, Zurich is one of the insurance industry’s biggest players. Their advertising and marketing needs are equally substantial – at any given time their in-house agency is working on over 1,200 projects. We gave them a better way to source, catalog, store and share imagery – and find time for conceptual thinking. Read the complete case study – download the PDF. 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