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Compassionate Eye Foundation Changing lives with imagery
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How you can help CEF - and your projects
By licensing CEF images, you’re aiding its efforts, from building schoolrooms to supporting women’s groups and clinics. And the imagery speaks for itself, touching on everything from business to travel and lifestyle. Plus, you’ll find over 900 photos and counting – across all license models – by such respected names as Al Bello, Siri Stafford, OJO Images and Blend Images.

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About the foundation
The Compassionate Eye Foundation is an innovative nonprofit organization founded by photographer Robert Kent and colleagues, who enlist the talents of other photographers and creative professionals to help those in need. By creating imagery for CEF and donating royalties from the licensing of these images on our site, the photographers raise money to improve education, health care and economic opportunities in developing nations.

We’re proud to partner with the foundation – and to help ensure its success we donate a large portion of the revenue from each CEF image licensed, while also editing and managing the licensing of content and providing art direction on select shoots. This culminates with the annual CEF Summer Solstice Shoot, which brings together photographers, art directors, models and crews worldwide.

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