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Recipients - June 2010

Judges - June 2010

Allison Arden, Advertising Age

Jonny Bauer, Droga5

Tara Moore, Photographer

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Annie Marie Musselman


June 2010 Getty Images Creative Grants

About the project:

Project Partners:
Photographer: Annie Marie Musselman  
Nonprofit: Wolf Haven
Agency: 619 Graphic Design Co.

Project Title: Wolf Haven

Project description: In the wake of the exotic animal trade, a sanctuary exists in Washington State where wolves are rescued from private owners, roadside zoos, animal collectors, and research facilities and are brought to a place where they receive a lifetime of compassionate care. The animals at Wolf Haven are treated with the utmost dignity and respect, including being given large enclosures to roam and also a partner to cohabitate with.

I strive to show these wolves as if I had happened upon them in the forest. To portray them as wild but also gentle, beautiful and loving creatures, unlike the way they are often shown as bloodthirsty hunters and killers in films and media.

I believe the wild creatures among us embody the instinct and love we have lost, and with this I realize more and more the purpose of my work. I see that society is so distanced from nature. How can we, as humans, be expected to respect, love and care for something that we do not know or understand? I hope my pictures can offer a deeper look inside the souls of these creatures and inspire humans to care for them and reflect on all of our deep interconnectedness as beings of the earth.

I photograph through very small holes in an incredibly strong fence (that can be seen in many of the pictures). The fence protects me, but barely keeps me from falling in love with these highly intelligent, beautiful beings.

View more of Annie Marie Musselman’s work made possible by the Getty Images Grant for Good here on the Wolf Haven site or view this video to learn more about their mission

More About Wolf Haven:
Since 1982, Wolf Haven has rescued over 170 wolves. Currently 51 wolves, including with these 7 wolf dogs and 2 coyotes are cared for. These include the highly endangered Mexican Grey Wolf and Red Wolf. This sanctuary is one of only three US pre-release breeding facilities in a multi-agency effort to restore the Mexican Grey Wolf to the Southwest. Wolf Haven works tirelessly to affect legislation for the protection of these wild creatures.

About the photographer:
Annie Marie was born in a quiet town south of Seattle, surrounded by deep forests and cold water. As a child, she trailed behind her father as he captured the landscape in sumo inks and watercolors. She majored in studio art at a small Midwestern college, and spent a year studying photography in Marseilles, France.

Her first personal project, “Finding Trust,” started 7 years ago at a wildlife sanctuary near Seattle. It has been featured in several magazines and exhibitions. With her photography, Annie strives to confront the destructive side of human impact on the survival of all wild creatures while portraying these animals as human-like as possible. Currently she is photographing animals in sanctuaries around the world to raise awareness of the fragility and beauty of endangered/indicator species – animals, which if saved, would save countless other species as well.

Annie’s work can be seen in Audubon, Outside, National Geographic Magazine, Wired, Elle, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times and among other publications. You can view more of her work at