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Paolo Marchetti


September 2012 Grants for Editorial Photography

About the project:

Project Title: FEVER – The Awakening of European Fascism

In Europe, we are seeing an awakening - a tremendous growth among the followers of the extreme right. The number of people fleeing their country has grown exponentially in the wake of the Mediterranean revolution, or “Arab Spring,” and is an exodus of desperation which has not occurred for decades. This is one of the factors which have amplified the fear and racial intolerance between youth in many parts of Europe. Another factor is undoubtedly represented by the growing crisis in Europe.

In recent years, these factors have created the conditions for a closure between people and their openness to philosophies based on the idea of "every man for himself." This “fever of fear” inevitably expresses itself in intolerance toward each other.

The time at which we encounter is the ideal terrain for these dynamics, and is fundamentally based on fear. It is the perfect ground for racist and classist ideologies.

Fear generates rage and violence and this is the core of my project. Finding an enemy gives strength to those who feel lost; fighting against someone gives a direction to those who have not their own. The engine of this behavior is an unconscious fear of a cultural void and is a sentiment often dominated by violence.

A cultural void screams and yearns for a frantic search for identity - racial, cultural, religious, political and sexual identity. In the era of globalization there are those in Italy, and in other parts of Europe, who want to scream to the world ‘I exist - I exist and I am not a product of your corporations. I exist because I belong to a people, a religion, and a race.”

My project has been realized in Italy, and I have gained access to various social layers of fascism. My goal is to be able to do the same in other European countries including the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Hungary. These are places where I see the possibility to continue my project, where I will be able to replicate the same results I collected in my own country, Italy.

The practical realization of this project is very delicate and it requires a lot of time, which is why the core of my method is to gain trust, pushing my subjects to share with me their original essence, their real life and authentic selves.

“FEVER” is not an exclusively political report, but rather my opportunity to investigate the rage that lies beneath this unsettling movement taking place across Europe.

About the recipient:

Paolo Marchetti is a freelance photojournalist based between Rome and Rio de Janeiro, working for more than twelve years in the cinematographic and commercial industries.

His photographic studies pay particular attention to political and anthropological issues. His key bodies of work to date have included coverage in Brazil, Central America, Cuba, Eastern Europe, India, the United States, Haiti, China, and Central Africa.

His work has been published in Italian weekly newspapers such as L'Espresso, for which he is a regular contributor, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Venerdi di Repubblica, IO Donna and in international weekly newspapers in France, England, Japan, Central America as well as Newsweek in the United States.

He has won several awards including the International Photography Award, PX3 Prix De La Photographie De Paris and he was short listed for the Luis Valtuena International Humanitarian Photography Award, PDN Photography Annual Award 2012 and the 2012 Sony World Photography Award. His long-term and ongoing project, on which he has been working for four years, focuses on the awakening far-right in Europe and is titled "FEVER".

His website is: