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Recipients - September 2015

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Cheryl Newman
Photography Director

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Director of Photography
The Sunday Times Magazine

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International Director of Photography
Der Spiegel

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Director of Photography
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Javier Arcenillas


September 2015 Grants for Editorial Photography

About the project:

My project aims to document the axis of uncontrolled violence in Honduras, as social and political factors are fueling the escalating unrest.

Honduras is considered one of the most violent places on earth. Every day on the street of cities such as San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, murder, robbery and other violence has become more prevalent. Ineffective internal politics in the area are unstable; drug traffic into the United States is uncontrollable; the neighborhoods of Maras and control of the Zetas border is the closest thing to a daily war.

A report by the Organization of American States (OAS) found that a violent death occurs every 74 minutes, and this is without war. In 2011, Honduras was among the most violent nations in the world, with police reporting 7,104 documented murders.

I have been working in Central America more than five years documenting the transformation of their society, and with the support of the Getty Images Editorial Grant, I will continue to bring these important and often untold stories to light. I will focus on gender violence, intolerance towards homosexuals or transsexuals, both of whom are subject to constant and numerous episodes of violence and mistreatment.

About the recipient:

Javier is a freelance photographer, Humanist, member of Gea Photowords and a psychologist at the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has won several international prizes and awards, including The Arts Press Award, Kodak Young Photographer, European Social Fund Grant, Euro Press of Fujifilm, INJUVE, Foto Press, Luis Valtueña of Médicos del Mundo, Journalism Doñana´s prize, World Photography of the Year, Fotoevidence and many more.

He has covered stories on Latin America outstanding "Territories"; "Marijuana Traffic" in Jamaica; "Gladiators" from the Olympic School of Boxing in Havana and "Weapon Social Club" in the United States.

His book "City Hope" summarizes five years Javier spent with Médicos del Mundo covering the rubbish cities in Central America. He is a regular photographer for Fronterad, (Global Group) and in Alcobendas´ Town Hall. He has also been published in Time, Der Spiegel, Stern and Miami Herald Magazine.

Since 2010, Javier has been working on "Sicarious,” a story of death and violence in Latin America shown in Photo España 2011.