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Getty Images Keywords Guide

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The Basics

Title: Local language search

Question: Do I have to search in English?

Answer: Search in your own language. We have multiple languages to choose from with the same quality and range of keywords as

Title: Searching by product type

Question: Creative, editorial, footage, music... where do I start?

Answer: Type in a keyword. But before you Search, select the products you want to see Creative images, Editorial images, both Creative and Editorial images or Footage.

For Music, select the tab at the top of the page. For other products, you can use any of these top tabs to search those specific categories. And each of those tabs has a pull-down menu that lets you narrow the category further, either by license type or topic. For example, under Editorial, you can choose from a menu that includes News, Sport, Entertainment and more.

You can also select the product type you want on the search detail page.

Title: Keyword hints in 'Image details'

Question: It's hard to think of keywords. Any tips?

Answer: Start by entering any keyword related to your search. Then look on the Image details page to get a feel for how we keyword - this can help you think of effective options.

Title: Keyword suggestions in 'Refine this search'

Question: Can I see some related keywords to help me drill down quickly?

Answer: lick a word in the Refine this search panel (on the left side of every image results page) to see a list of related keywords. For example, if you search 'golf', you'll see the Refine this search panel. Under Keywords, a list of related concepts like 'Enjoyment', 'Relaxation' and 'Outdoors' shows you how many search results those keywords yield. Click on any of those related keywords to see the image results.

Another way to see related keywords? When you click on a particular image, you'll land on the Image details page. From there, click the Find similar images link. Select any combination of keywords and Search again.

Title: Using 'See all' in 'Refine this search'

Question: I want a quick look at all keywords related to my search.

Answer: While the Refine this search panel offers a sampling of related keywords, selecting See all gives you a comprehensive, at-a-glance list of related concepts from A to Z.

Title: Using Boolean operators

Question: How do I effectively use 'and', 'or', commas, etc. in my search?

Answer: Putting a space between two keywords is the same as using 'AND', '&' or a comma – your search results will only include images with both keywords.

If you put 'OR' between two keywords, your search results will include all images with either or both of those keywords.

If you put 'NOT' before a keyword, your search will exclude all images with that keyword.

Here's an example: If you search 'starfish beach', you'll get over 500 images. If you search 'starfish or beach' you'll get 89,000 images. With 'starfish not beach', the result is over 1,000 images.

Get more details on Boolean operators

Title: Using breadcrumbs search path

Question: I want to see my previous search results. How do I get back?

Answer: Don't worry about narrowing your search too far and missing out on some great images – you can always find your way back to earlier results by using the 'breadcrumb' feature just above the search results. Click any linked keyword in the breadcrumb search path to backtrack to previous search results.

The Nitty Gritty

Title: Using 'Search within'

Question: I searched on 'computer' and got 72,000 images. How do I narrow it down?

Answer: Once you have your image results for 'computer', select the Search within option (just above the Search field). Now you can type in 'white background', for example, to narrow your results to images of computers with white backgrounds – and reduce your results to about 3,000 images.

Title: Using 'Find similar'

Question: I found an image that kind of works. But I want to see more.

Answer: On the Image details page, click Find similar images (at top of page, top of Details section, and end of Keywords list). On the page that comes up, select only the keywords that match what you're looking for and Search.

Title: Searching by name

Question: I searched on 'clinton' but only want images of Bill Clinton.

Answer: To find images of real people, you'll probably want to search Editorial images.

Once you've searched by 'clinton,' go to the Refine this search panel on the left side of your results page, click Specific people and select Bill Clinton's name. (It you don't see the name of the person you're looking for, click See all at the bottom of the list.)

You can also enter 'bill clinton' in the Search field. These results will be broader, and will include images that relate in some way to Bill Clinton (photos of Hillary and Chelsea, buildings named after him, etc.).

Title: Searching by 'Number of people'

Question: I need images of teenagers – maybe one, maybe two – or maybe a crowd.

Answer: It's simple to find images with a very specific number of people. Once you've searched on 'teenagers', go to the Refine this search panel on the left side of your image results page. Under Number of people, select the number of people you want. (Click See all for a full list of grouping options.)

Title: Using the 'Date range' search

Question: I want to see images of the Eiffel Tower from the 1950s.

Answer: Type 'eiffel tower' in the Search field and select Editorial images. From the drop-down menu of the Any date field, choose Select a date range and type in the relevant dates.

Title: Using 'Archival' search

Question: How do I find images shot before the 21st century?

Answer: Before you search on your keyword, select Editorial images and then choose Archival from the drop-down menu of the All Editorial field.

Title: 'Advanced search' options

Question: What are these and what can I do with them?

Answer: Clicking More search options under the Search field brings Advanced search, where your options include turning the Search clarification tool on or off and narrowing your search to specific collections within Creative, Editorial or Footage.

You can also use Advanced search to search by photographer name. Just use the drop-down menu under the Search field and select Photographers.

Let’s brainstorm

Title: 'More images like this'

Question: Are image suggestions available, based on my keywords?

Answer: Underneath each thumbnail image, you'll see a More images like this icon. Select this when you find an image with elements you like and want to see more of. You can also select this option in the left-hand panel of the Image details page.

More images like this icon

Title: Using Catalyst

Question: I've hit a creative block and need to brainstorm.

Answer: Want to do some brainstorming with us? Use the Catalyst link to the right of the search box on the Creative page to get inspired by our exciting new search tool.

Enter a keyword in the Catalyst search field. Start playing with the suggestions. Grab some inspiration and run.

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